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Nice to meet your voice!

Meeting your voice!

So you want us to meet your voice and add you to our database of voice-over artists? This can be done rather easily with this handy form. Ofcourse we would like you to record a voice-over by following the instructions below. After doing this, please fill out all the required fields and we might have you do a recording for us soon!

You can get as creative as you want. Feel free to add background music, sound effects and even be your own foley artist as you see fit. Everything to convince us your voice is one we need to offer to our clients.

The recording that we’d like to receive consists of the following:

Cheerful and humourous:

“Are you still using those boring PowerPoint Presentations to introduce your product or services? Not something that’ll bring a smile to your face, now does it? FreshTV Videomarketing’s slogan is Pride, Luck and Success and offers something much better!”

Informative and trustworthy:

“Addressing your clients with a videomessage leads to more sales and higher revenue. With a personalized film or animation it is possible to personally address your clients. It shouldn’t be a surprise that your customers will be more charmed by a personal approach. By charming your customers with this personalized approach, they’ll be more than happy to quickly do business with you once again.”

Cheerful and energetic:

“If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what film and animation will say! At FreshTV we think you should stick to doing what you do best. And to support you with your daily tasks and business we will gladly help you by spreading your message into the world. With online videomarketing!”

My name is [your first name here] and I’m looking forward to recording your voice-over!

Luc Smiers FreshTV VideomarketingAron Imandikromo FreshTV VideomarketingMarianne de Graaf FreshTV Videomarketing

  • We would love to meet your voice!

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Voice over register

  • Voice-over sign-up

    We’d like to receive your demo recording (.mp3 or .wav) through WeTransfer. In the demo, please include one of the examples that are shown on the left hand side of this webpage. Feel free to add music or sound-effects for bonus points!
  • You can select and upload multiple files (Max. 15MB). Drag files here or select your files. Allowed filetypes: mp3, wav, aif, aiff
    Sleep bestanden hierheen of
    Toegestane bestandstypen: mp3, wav, aif, aiff.
  • Are you in possesion of your own recording studio?
  • Profile

    Who are you and how can we reach out to you?
  • Prices for online usage

    We’re curious about the prices that apply to your work. Generally we produce films and animations for online use only (website, facebook, YouTube, etc.) with different lengths. Because we mainly focus on online productions, we don’t work with periodical fees. Let us know what we can expect price-wise with a certain length, so we can offer your voice to suitable clients.
  • Price in € for online use only
  • Price in € for online use only
  • Price in € for online use only
  • Prices for television

    But what if our clients what our productions on television? In that case we need to know your prices for television use as well!
  • Price in € for TV broadcasts
  • Price in € for TV broadcasts
  • Price in € for TV broadcasts
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